Each outdoor knife comes with one of two types of leather sheath: "Nordic" or "Conventional". The description and photo of each knife indicates which type comes with that particular knife. Each one has a wooden liner and is individually formed to the knife it is intended to hold, so that the knife is securely retained. Sheaths for knives in inventory are "right-handed", which means that the sharp edge of the knife faces the rear when the sheath is worn on the right side of the body. See "Special Orders" for additional sheath options, such as "left-handed" sheaths.


Nordic Sheath

The "Nordic" sheath has the seam down the back of the sheath, and a thong-type loop for attachment to your belt. It hangs loosely from the belt, making it comfortable for you to bend over or squat down; thus, it requires both hands to remove the knife from the sheath.

Conventional Sheath

The "Conventional" sheath has the seam down the edge and a rigid, integral belt loop. The knife can generally be removed from the sheath with one hand.


Kitchen Knives Blade Guard

The kitchen knives generally come with a wooden blade guard. This type of guard has a strong rare-earth magnet that holds the knife securely in place.

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